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To help understand some of the things that you need to know in order to get the best life and performance from your car tyres, we have included a few simple guides here.




One of the most common problems with tyres is running them under inflated...this causes excessive wear on the tyre and also affects fuel economy, but the most serious problem is the possibility of affecting the handling response of the vehicle, as the main tread pattern on the tyre cannot make correct contact with the road surface.


Always regularly check your tyre operating pressures, information on which is always included in your vehicle handbook and often on the door sill as a sticker.


If you are not sure as to what to do or what pressures to use, call into an ONeills Tyres Service Outlet who will be more than pleased to advise you..


Below is an indication of how under inflation appears on your tyres. It is most important for safety, fuel economy and tyre wear that you inspect your tyres regularly or call into any O'Neills Tyres outlet for our staff to check the tyre pressures and tyre wear.

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