Yokohama Orange Oil Tyres

Orange oil provides grip.

Orange oil technology helps solve the grip problem present in low rolling resistance eco tyres. It allows motorists to save money by using less fuel without compromising grip for safe and confident driving.


Typically, orange oil is used in detergents and perfumes. The oil doesn't come from the sweet, sticky part of the fruit. It comes from the orange peel. It’s quite acidic and when it touches rubber it softens it.


Orange oil keeps the rubber tyre compound soft and flexible at a micro level so it grips the road. More importantly it works in cold and wet conditions when rubber normally hardens and loses grip.


About Yokohama tyres


The Yokohama Rubber Company is the seventh largest tyre manufacturer in the world.


Yokohama tyres are premium products and are priced to offer good value, with products consistently demonstrating superior performance and durability. This leads to less downtime for individuals and business and, more importantly, reduced costs per kilometre.


Yokohama makes car tyres, 4WD tyres, truck tyres, earthmover tyres and industrial tyres. In the field of high performance tyres, Yokohama is synonymous with superb sports car performance combined with high levels of comfort.



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